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 IF Y   Please remember the following in your private and public prayers:

Jason Avakian’s step-mom needs prayers.

Matt Pharr, Robbin, Samantha & Stefani Waggoner...working in Honduras until July 5th.


Doris Hermon . . .She was diagnosed with diverticulitis.

Ryan Rushlow . . (David and Sharon’s grandson) has cerebral palsy and needs encouragement.

Margie Boca . . . (Karen Matches’ secretary) needs encouragement. 

Betty Blain . . . is having health problems.

Dana Starks . .continues to need our prayers.

Terry McCurry . . . needs our prayers.

Nick Wolding . . . (James Bradley’s friend) has been diagnosed with cancer.

Kristie Adkins . . . has been having recurring headaches since her brain surgery.

Lisa Elder . . (daughter of Leo and Lynne Carroll) has had a setback..

Doris Corbitt . .. continues to need our prayers that her sight will be improved.

Margaret Babcock . . . (George and Shirley Jennings’ niece) has been diagnosed with cancer.

Jannie Spencer . . . has been having back trouble.

Lynn Toman . . . (Bridgett Craciun’s mother) is improving.

Juanita Green . . (Neighbor of Lillie Scaglione’s daughter and a member of the church in Ellijay, Georgia) needs our prayers.

Our men and women in the Armed Forces.  Several of our members have friends and loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.



Please send us names of those you would like for us to put on our prayer list.

Please give us:

  • Your name and the name of the one you have requested prayer for 
  • Their address if known, 
  • If in hospital (which one? when?), 
  • Type of illness or problem or need.
  • Additional comments that might be helpful.

Thank you for your concern for others...

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