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Brief history of the congregation:

In 1937, some Christians from the Shiloh and Jerusalem Churches of Christ began to meet in the IOO F Lodge Hall over Smith's grocery to start the Church of Christ in Dexter. Brother Calvin West and brother J. F. Williamson alternated preaching for the new church. In 1940, a frame house was built on the Northeast corner of Stanley and North Mulberry Streets. In 1950, the frame building was moved to the East end of the lot and a new church building was erected. There was a full size basement which had a furnace room, two bathrooms and five class rooms. There was a nursery and baptistery as well as the auditorium on the ground floor. In 1954, an addition was added to the East end of the auditorium with two class rooms extending on the North end. That building was bricked in 1962, air conditioned in 1964, and new carpet installed in 1969. The first frame building was used for several years as a preacher's home and later as class rooms. A preacher's home was purchased in 1968 at 45 Hickory Hills which served several preachers while they ministered for the church. This building was sold in August 1978. In 1971, three acres of land was bought on North One Mile Road just South of the hospital. The present building was erected on that land in 1975 and the church met for the first time in the new building the 1st Sunday in 1976. Our building has a library, three offices, and auditorium with 650 seating capacity, 17 classrooms, 2 nurseries, 4 bathrooms, a work room, 4 heating and cooling rooms, sound room and a fellowship room. We also have two church vans which are run on Wednesday night and on Sunday morning and evening to pick up those who need a ride to services. The vans are used for other church related activities also.

Beside the 3 acres of land first purchased for the site of the church building, two other land purchases were made, the last being in 1977 which brings our acreage here to a little over 7 and a half acres.

The cost of the building and furniture as of October 1976 was $317,348.28. The congregation did not ask  others to share our expenses, but was able to pay for the present lands, buildings and contents in nine years. Each member is to be commended for their part in this. During that time we did not slack in our  mission work. For example, in 1983, $40,194.14 was spent for mission work. We are thankful to God for his care and allowing us to prosper sufficiently to carry on His great work.

About two years ago (2001) we completed a new Fellowship building. This building is enjoyed by the entire congregation. 

The past is commendable but the future is bright for the congregation here in Dexter.

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